Dr. Thomas Gleason

Dr. Robert YatesDr. Thomas Gleason founded GRA to conduct engineering and scientific analyses and evaluations related to missile and sensor systems. Since 1972, he has assessed the impact of countermeasure threats on missile and sensor systems, developed and evaluated counter-countermeasure approaches and designs, and evaluated the performance of missile and sensor systems under battlefield conditions. Additionally, he has evaluated future weapon and sensor system concepts and designed and developed digital simulations of countermeasure threat systems which interact with U.S. weapons and sensors.

Throughout his career, Dr. Gleason has supported Optical/Electro-Optical/ IR/RF Survivability Enhancement programs of the U.S. Army Survivability Enhancement Office. He has assessed Directed Energy (Optical) threats to Army sensors and personnel and evaluated technology to protect against that threat. Dr. Gleason has served on high-level red teams, blue teams, and study teams dealing with technical and R&D management issues for major Army systems. Specific Army systems addressed in one or more of these areas included: HELLFIRE, Longbow HELLFIRE, TOW (1, 2, and 2A), Javelin, Aquila (UAV), Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV), FOG-M, NLOS, Ground Laser Designators, TADS, as well as the optical, EO, and IR fire-control sensors of the M1, M2/M3, M60, ITV, FISTV, Cobra, and ADATS and the AN/TAS-4 FLIR.

Prior to founding GRA, Dr. Gleason performed engineering and scientific analyses of the target acquisition sensors and laser designator of the Aquila Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). He completed a comprehensive study of the technical characteristics of semi-active laser guided weapons for use in directing U.S. countermeasure efforts. Dr. Gleason chaired an Army Material Development and Readiness Command (DARCOM) Technical Steering Committee for Ground Laser Designators and a DARCOM Survivability Study Task Force for Ground Laser Designators. He managed an Army Near-Millimeter Wave Technology Base Program and was the Army Electronics Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) Program manager for Advanced Development of an anti-radiation seeker for use on an extended range guided projectile.

Dr. Gleason is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University where he received a Bachelor of Arts, and a Ph.D in Physics. He has completed Military education through Command and General Staff College and retired from the Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Gleason is a member of the American Physical Society. Dr. Gleason has been the recipient of the Harry Diamond Laboratories R&D Achievement Award and the Cogswel Award (as Facility Security Officer of GRA, for outstanding Industrial Security program). He is also the Co-author of the textbook: "Introduction to UAV Systems," and the Author or Co-author of over 100 technical reports related to his areas of expertise.